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Pink Orchid


Ivyline Pots

Ivyline pots supply many pots to fit any homes' aesthetic.

The modern Lisbon range shown here offer a sleek minimalist design allowing the plant to really take precedence.

However, we also stock many more abstract patterns, for anyone wanting the pot to feature as much as the plants inside.



Air Plants



Indoor Plants


Our house plant range is extensive and sure to impress, including favourites like peace lilies and orchids, perfect for gifting for their striking colours and sentimental value.

For those looking for something a little more unusual, we stock plenty of different plants, such as the “Alocasia Macrorrhiza” (also known as Stingray plant).

We're always trying to keep our plant selections varied and interesting, so please call first if you wish to know about our current stock.



Ivyline Plant Pots


Air Plants

Air plants are one of the newest trends in the gardening world. Their low maintenance and no need for soil, makes them a great plant for beginners, whether your looking at making a terrarium or shopping for some gifts, we have all you could need to add a touch of green to your home.