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Indoor Plants

Although there is a large range of garden goods at Staunton Harold, it is still very much a plant focused garden centre with a great range of indoor flowering and foliage plants ideal for the home or office. Most are labelled with information as to which position they prefer and how to look after them, which are ideal for low light conditions and which need special care, etc. But if further advice is required Ruth Utton, the plant area manager, should be able to answer any queries. Although many are brought from local growers, more unusual and exotic varieties are sourced from Holland which is by far the largest producer of house plants in the world; the scale and quality of production is breath taking. Plants are also delivered to our centre within 48 hours of selection so they are in excellent condition.

Unlike many garden centres, at Staunton Harold Nurseries and Garden Centre we have a range of large house plants up to 6' tall, which make excellent features in a hall, lounge or kitchen. A selection of foliage house plants can be purchased directly online on this website. If you don't have the time or inclination to care for them, we also have a range of artificial indoor plants that may be of interest to you.