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Real Christmas Tree Selection

Throughout the season our staff create hand-made wreathes that are sure to make your home stand out. Brimming with local foliage like conifers and holly cuttings, these wreathes will remain fresh for the whole winter.

As well as the hand-made wreathes, we also sell locally sourced Mistle toe bunches and Brussel sprouts from a local farmer. We also stock a mixture of poinsettias in deep red and brilliant white, to fulfil all your Christmas traditions.




Real Trees


In terms of real Christmas trees, we often stock two varieties mainly:

The First is Nordman Fir, known for its thick needles - this tree will keep hold of its needless far better than other varieties, keeping mess out of your home. The trade-off for this convenience is that it's not as strong smelling as other varieties, but this can be easily changed with pine scent sticks.

The second is Norway Spruce, recognised as more of a classical Christmas tree, this tree has very thin needles, meaning they will drop off a lot quicker than the latter especially if near heat. This variety does however smell very strong in comparison, filling your home with the fresh scent of pine.


Hand-Made Wreaths, Planters and Grave Pots